Employee Quit Her Job Horribly But How Her Boss Responds Is Way Worse

C’mon, admit it. We have all day dreamed of how we would quit our job in the most epic way possible. We have seen newscasters storm off the set after doing a story they didn’t necessarily agree with, but this lady decided to quit her job in a pretty funny way. But it is how her boss responds to her resignation that makes it even better. Check this out!

Employee Quit Her Job Horribly But How Her Boss Responds Is Way Worse

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Wow! That got out of hand pretty quickly. I have a feeling that Jenny and Spencer are better off without each other. I’m sure Jenny will go on to find a job that she actually enjoys, along with a boss she might actually get along with. And considering the assets Spencer’s company handles, finding a new receptionist won’t be all that hard. There is one thing I just can’t get over though… Did Jenny really put her bare feet on the receptionist desk? Considering I’m kind of a clean freak, there is no way I would have been able to handle that for two long years. We wish them the best in their next endeavors, but everything might happen for a reason, and this reason is because they just don’t work all that well together.

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