This News Anchor Completely Loses His Shit About Constantly Hearing About Kardashians

I hate the Kardashians. I am just going to state that right now. Has there really ever been a family who is famous for less? Well whether I hate them or not, they are still famous and are still constantly in the news for weird stories and just straight up bizarre behavior. I’m sure as a news reporter, especially ones that actually want to make a difference and who want to report on stories that actually matter, it can be even more frustrating than almost anything else. Well John Brown, a reporter for Fox 35 in Florida had literally had enough, and the reporter completely freaks out over the Kardashians. Just as his program was about to start a story on the Kardashian family, John promptly gets up and walks off camera and states that he is done with doing stories on the Kardashians. He then proceeds to rant on why this family is a non-story and how they don’t deserve any of the attention that they get. His co-anchors are a little unsure of what is happening, and one of them even slides onto the couch to help out his flustered co-worker. This is an absolutely epic rant. Check out this video as a reporter freaks out over the Kardashians!

Check out as this reporter freaks out over the Kardashians!

This rant was absolutely hilarious, and even better is everything this man said was the absolute truth. We put celebrities on pedestals today and it gives us such a warped perception of their own worth compared to even our own. Just because someone has a bunch of money and can afford plastic surgery every other week doesn’t make them any more valuable or their story anymore interesting than someone else’s. This reporter did what I am hoping so many others have wanted to do their entire careers. Maybe this will start the movement of not wasting our energy on what these people do or say.

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