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DreamWorks Dad Turns His 4-Year-Old Son’s Adventures Into Real-Life Action Movies

What do you get when your dad is a special effects artist for DreamWorks? A dad that turns very simple videos into real superhero videos. Daniel Hashimoto has a YouTube channel where he takes clips of his son James and adds superhuman abilities to them. Take a look at these short videos that he’s made of his son. These videos are amazing as he turns son into a superhero.

The Danger Of Wet Floors

Toy Lightsaber

Grappling Gun

The Floor Is Lava

McDonald’s Play Place

Toys R Us Visit

The HyperDrive

Lego Blaster

I officially nominate this dad as Dad Of The Year. These videos are awesome. Check out more of this incredible dad’s video editing skills by visiting his YouTube page.

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