This Guy Just Raised The Bar For All Men In The World. You Have To See This.

While some women may become a bridezilla while planning a wedding, the really hard part is the proposal. The boyfriend tries to think of all of the different ways that he could propose to the love of his live in some creative and meaningful way. This is all in hopes that his girlfriend will see how much he cares about her and say yes when he pops the question. Well this wedding proposal is unlike any I have ever seen. This is absolutely beautiful. I can’t think of a more romantic way to propose to someone. This couple is truly in love and I wish them a long happy life together. You will be in tears by the end.

They really had a lot of planning and rehearsing that went into this proposal. Not only did he have a lot of planning to do, but he got all of their friends and family involved too. It’s so great when people have very creative marriage proposals, where lots of people are involved. He created a lasting memory for him and his soon to be bride, but he also created memories for all of their friends and family because they were called upon to make a video and be involved in the song.

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