This Mom Completely Loses It And Gets The Karma She Deserves

We all know in the world we live in today that people can be straight up jerks. Sometimes we as humans tend to blow things out of proportion and make a much bigger deal of them than we should. We tend to think our time is more valuable than everyone else’s and that everyone should operate on our schedule. We are all human, so I think to a certain extent most us understand that majority of us are good people, and are not going out of our way to be mean or rude. This lady however seems like she does not care in the slightest about anyone else but herself. Apparently this argument started over green peppers that shouldn’t have been on a kebab because apparently her kids “don’t eat green things”. I guess in her world that is enough reason to just be a completely snobby and whiny brat and yell at the workers at the restaurant. If that wasn’t enough, she even berates them for not speaking English around her. Someone did a terrible job raising their daughter with tolerance and understanding. She then starts to leave when the most amazing thing in the entire world that could happen at that moment did. It truly was like a gift from a higher power at the absolute perfect time. You won’t want to miss this angry restaurant customer get her karmic justice.

Check Out This Angry Restaurant Customer Freak Out On The Workers… And Then Watch The Hilarious Karma Smack Her In The Face At The End.

This video started off making me so angry, but the ending made up for every ounce of anger I felt. That was a literal karmic smack in the face, and you don’t see that to often. This lady deserved every bit of what she got though. She needs a serious reality check. I get angry just like the next person when a food order of mine gets screwed up, but that is no reason to be a terrible person about it. At the end of the day however this angry restaurant customer has to live with the humiliation of getting smacked in the face by a door in front of everyone.

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