This Kitchen Island Doubles Up As A Giant Aquarium

I love finding new and innovative things on the internet. New designs of every day house hold items make for a unique home, versus one that everybody seems to have.  A Dutch interior designer did just that, using two items found in homes and creating something magical. Only 34 years old, Robert Kolenik is the founder of Kolenik Eco Chic Design. He is known for his down to earth mentality and one of a kind designs. If you are looking for a unique piece of furniture that offers warmth and character, Kolenik is the designer for you. According to his website, it states, “The distinct and recognizable Kolenik style appeals to a wide international audience. It is best described as minimalist and warm, carefully marrying functionality and aesthetics to create harmony and balance.” Although Kolenik is known for his approachable design of furniture, he is also the brains behind a very unique kitchen island. When most people think of a kitchen island, not a lot of thought goes into it; granite or laminate counters, wood or vinyl sides, free-standing or attached, L-shaped or straight, painted or not, whatever the case may be, its primary purpose is basically the same for everyone.  But Kolenik proves that a kitchen island can be much more than just a space to prepare food on.

This Kitchen Island Doubles Up As A Giant Aquarium

This kitchen island is known as the Ocean Kitchen. And it would be a focal point for any home.

This Kitchen Island Doubles Up As A Giant Aquarium

It has a unique L-shaped design that offers hidden functionality, with mirrors hiding the shape to create more depth.

This Kitchen Island Doubles Up As A Giant Aquarium

I love the overall design process and the ability to create function with this is incredible. The kitchen island has the ability to lift up at ease with accessibility to equipment for the fish tank. It also has doors hidden behind mirrors to offer storage as well. This unique piece is available to order and can be custom fit for any kitchen too. You can find out more from Kolenik Designs here.

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