Her Parents Knew Something Was Wrong. After Getting Their Baby Glasses Their Whole World Changed.

As a parent, you only want what is best for your child. When you are able to give that to your child and see the joy on their faces it gives you the absolute best feeling in the world.  It touches your heart in a way that is impossible to describe and makes you feel like a super hero. I felt that while watching this video of a Cincinnati woman putting glasses on her 10 month old daughter, Piper, for the first time. The look on this little girl’s face as she is able to clearly see her parents for the first time is truly wonderful. Seeing the smile light up her face brought a tear to my eye. I couldn’t imagine the love I would have felt if she were my own child considering how it made me feel seeing a baby girl I don’t even know receive the gift of clear sight.

Jessica Sinclair is the mother of this beautiful little girl in the video. She posted the video in June and since then it has gone viral. Jessica explained, “She went to the pediatrician and they did a little machine that said she had a little astigmatism higher than normal. So they said when I can to get her checked out. She hasn’t crawled yet, and I thought maybe there was something wrong with her eyesight so I took her. She doesn’t have an astigmatism. But she is +7.00 in one eye and +5.00 in the other. The doctor said that is more than likely why she hasn’t crawled.”  

This is why it is so important to keep up with the recommended checkups for your children.  It can sometimes be inconvenient to go in every few months (I know because my son is only 6 months old and it can be a huge headache), but there are reasons for going even if you don’t believe in vaccinating you child.  At these checkups they can discover if they are developing as they should and discover any problems, like Piper’s eyesight, early so it can be corrected before it puts them too far behind or before it’s too late to prevent lasting damage.


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