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Seeing These Bulldogs Tumbling Down A Hill Might Be The Cutest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Watching animals play brings pure joy to my heart. There really is almost no better feeling than watching an animal who is completely caught up in playing and having fun. Taking my dogs to the park when I was younger was one of my favorite things to do. They would chase their ball around and play with each other for days if we would have let them. That’s why this video literally made me laugh out loud here in the office. This cute bulldog was running through the brush on a hill when all of a sudden he discovers one of the purest joys in the world, rolling down a hill!

This dog is having the time of its life! Why wouldn’t you though, rolling down a hill is one of the purest forms of fun you can ever have. The look on the bulldogs adorable face after the first roll is priceless. I imagine this is now going to turn into one of this dogs favorite activities, and who could really blame it?

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