The Coast Guard Spotted Something In A Known Drug Transit Zone. What They Found Made Me Sick.

The United States Coast Guard was called with reports of a suspicious object floating in a well known drug trafficking area. Guardsmen aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Stratton bravely responded without a clue as to what they were about to encounter. While I am a public servant, in my own right, donating countless hours to charities dealing with abused children, along with diabetes awareness and research, I regret to say that I have never served our country as these people do. The training, dedication, bravery, and selflessness of our Armed Forces is an amazing thing that is absolutely deserving of our utmost respect. The way that they fulfill their duties in this Coast Guard rescue is a beauty to behold and helps to restore your faith in humanity as they shine as examples of bravery and selflessness, but above that, they show their humanity by revealing their hearts as they venture forth upon their mission to reclaim a mysterious object from a dangerous area of the ocean.

The Coast Guard Spotted Something In A Known Drug Transit Zone. What They Found Made Me Sick.

This is where I thought they may be pulling up a large stash of drugs. I was absolutely confused as to why drug lords would set their stash adrift in the ocean.

Watch below as the Coast Guard rescue takes these Guardsmen to an unknown object and they discover what it is!

As this Coast Guard rescue approached the unknown object, my heart began to race. When they began to pull out the two sea turtles, I have to admit I was becoming enraged. What was the purpose of this make shift buoy that had entangled and endangered the sea turtles? How can people carelessly discard items without thinking about the precious lives that they may be jeopardizing? As someone who enjoys scuba diving and appreciates the life and wonders of the underwater portion of our world, I am sickened with how many of these great creatures meet a meaningless death due to human ignorance. I am just glad that this Coast Guard rescue ended with the successful rescue of two amazing animals and that the Guardsmen didn’t have to encounter something that would have also put their lives in danger.

Source: Special thanks for the video to Coast Guard Cutter Stratton.

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