Motorcycle Racer Saves Himself From A Serious Crash, Crosses Finish Line On Knees

When it comes to motor sports, there is always some type of risk involved. That’s the case whether it comes to NASCAR, IndyCar, or even Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing. They take all the precautions necessary, but when you’re going as fast as you can, taking the turns a lot tighter and faster than you should be, plus you add the outside elements, you’re almost asking for a disaster. Until now, I wasn’t very familiar with Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing. I figured there may be a few different levels of competition, but I didn’t understand how popular it really was. The video you are about to watch is of a Moto3 motorcycle racer. Moto3 was recently introduced in 2012. Motorcycles that are 250cc with a four-stroke engine fall into this racing category. This racing class also limits the age of its competitors. There is an upper limit of 25 years old for newly signed rider and wild card entries, and then there is an absolute upper limit for all riders up to the age of 28. Honestly after watching this video, I think if the rider was any older, it would not have ended this way.

Seriously, how does this even happen? He was so lucky not to crash, but not only that, he stayed with his bike, finished the race on his knees, and won! If I would have gone that fast and started to shake like he did, I would have face planted and definitely broken a few bones, if not something worse. Good for him for staying with his bike and giving it his all!

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