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These Fisherman Never Expected To Catch A Deer In The Middle Of The Ocean

There are certain animals you expect to see while your out boating on the ocean. Definitely some fish, and if you’re lucky maybe some dolphins or whales. These are all normal animals for an ocean. One thing nobody would ever expect to see is a deer however. Surprisingly, for this boater, that’s exactly what he saw. Apparently this deer was trying to swim to some unknown destination, when it got too tired to continue on. It was on the verge of drowning when this good samaritan took action to try to save its life. Check out what he did in the video below.

It couldn’t have been a comfortable ride for this deer, but it beat drowning in the ocean and having sharks consume you. This guy seemed incredibly exhausted when he was brought to shore, he couldn’t even find the strength to stand up. Hopefully after a little rest he was able to make his way back inland. You know…..where deer belong.

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