A Homeless Man Cut Off This Dogs Leg And Threw Him In The L.A. River

We’ve all seen them, eitherĀ on our Facebook feed or even in our local news. Stories of animal abuse always seem to make their way to the front page of our news medium, and for good reason. The kind of person that it takes to hurt an animal….well let’s just say I don’t take kindly to them. Domesticated animals just want someone to love, and someone to love them back. So when you hear about someone who willfully hurts an animal that can’t defend itself, it should make your blood boil. Seeing an animal overcome abuse and become the dog that everyone knows it can be, that sense of pride is something that always feels good. Well the story of Jordan and the obstacles he has overcome will make you absolutely furious, and so full of pride at the same time. Check out this video of Jordan, the rescued puppy who overcame so many odds and is now one of the most loving dogs you will ever see. Get your tissues ready, I 100% needed them while watching this.

I told ya you would need your tissues. If you didn’t tear up while watching that, I question the kind of person you are. There should be no way that someone is not affected by what this little pup had to go through. The kind of sick person that would do that to a helpless puppy….well let’s just say I would have a fate worse than prison in mind for them. Jordan seems to be doing very well with his new family though. His future should be filled with nothing but sun-drenched naps and nice swims in the pool.

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