They Thought They Were Going To See Manta Rays On Their Trip, But They Saw A Lot More.

During a night dive in Kona, Hawaii to view majestic manta rays, a group of divers noticed a dolphin swimming curiously close to their group. One of the experienced divers noticed the dolphin’s pectoral fin and mouth were tangled in fishing line. The diver motioned for the dolphin to come over. What happened next is beyond words.


Dolphins are really amazing creatures. They are beyond brilliant and are oftentimes underestimated when it comes to their intelligence. A few years ago, I went on vacation in San Diego. While dong one of the boat tours, they took us by a military training facility where they trained dolphins. The dolphins are able to go where the military is not, and they go virtually undetected. These dolphins are free to come and go as they please, but more times than not they do come right back to where they are being trained. The reason they come back is because they treated so well, getting food, their teeth brushed, along with a lot of praise from the military dolphin trainers. It’s really cool to think that they are such loving and trusting animals, but they also know exactly where to go when they start to get a little hungry.

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