A Security Camera Caught These Dogs Going Crazy After Seeing A Fedex Crash

We all know that dogs aren’t always that fond of delivery drivers, particularly UPS drivers, FedEx drivers, and how could you forget, your friendly neighborhood mail carrier. When these dogs started barking, it seems like they were barking at the driver himself, but after a few seconds, it seems like they are trying to alert the driver instead. It definitely wasn’t this FedEx driver’s best day. Check out this video! But also make sure you check out the dog’s reactions. This is a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day for this guy.

This poor guy was definitely not having a good day. Although if he wanted to try to be optimistic, and least his truck missed the house completely, thanks to the tree that gave it a little nudge the other way. I wonder what happens in this situation, did he get fired or did he just get a warning. And did you notice how the dogs started going a lot more crazy after the truck started rolling backwards. Poor guy had his day, possibly his week, completely ruined because he forgot to put his FedEx truck in park. Maybe next time, he’ll be a little more cautious.

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