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Video Of A Possessed Woman Has The Village Panicked

Since humans have existed there has been the recognition of good versus evil. It is an eternal struggle that is at the very core of being human. People can choose to be good or evil. At least most of the time. Throughout life there are things that defy explanation. Demonic possession has always been one of them. There is no definitive way to prove someone is possessed by a demon, but many cultures and religion have a strong base in the fact that it truly does exist. A village in Venezuela still believes that this supernatural event happens, and still have a practice to ride someone of a demon who might be possessed. So when a girl in the village started to act strange, the conclusion was that she must be possessed. An exorcism was considered the only option, and one villager decided to record the incident. The video is absolutely fascinating and it might make you question your stance on if someone can really be possessed or not.

This is seriously scary! I’ve seen videos of people who are supposedly possessed, but this one definitely gave me chills. I’m not positive, but that sure looks like a lot of blood all over her, and she definitely has a strange look in her eyes. There will probably never be any definitive proof that demonic possession is real, but videos like this will keep the belief alive in many people.

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