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Five Mysterious Places That Google Maps Has Blacked Out

Google maps is an incredible piece of technology. I’d even say one of the best things to happen in a long time. With a simple internet connection, you can look at places from a street view in seconds. Even 50 years ago, this would have seemed a far-fetched idea. There is almost nothing you can’t look at…the key world being almost. There are certain places around the world that according to Google Maps, don’t even exist. There is just a black empty space where a land mass or certain object should be. What could possibly be the reason for this. Well people still aren’t certain, but it has certainly churned up a lot of conspiracy theories. Check out these 5 places around the world that are blacked out on Google Maps, and the conspiracy theories about the reasons why.

Five Mysterious Places That Google Maps Has Blacked Out

1. Sitting in the middle of California’s Mohave Desert is a place called Junction Ranch. On this ranch lies a mysterious airstrip that doesn’t seem to have a reason for being there. The prevailing theory is that it is part of the China Lake proving grounds. The proving grounds are home to the Air Force’s drone testing program. That’s weird enough in itself, but there is more. Only certain parts of the base are blacked out by Google Maps. Even specific parts of whole buildings are blacked out if you zoom in close enough.

Five Mysterious Places That Google Maps Has Blacked Out

2.  Sandy Island was discovered by Captain Cook during his exploration of Australia and the surrounding areas. The island has been printed on maps for over 200 years, yet for some reason Google Maps feels that it shouldn’t be present on their system. Why is that?

3. During the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the U.S. had a constant patrol of B-52 bombers carrying nuclear payloads to deter the Soviet Union. One of the air bases they would come from was called Thule Air Base in Greenland. Unfortunately while a B-52 was taking off from the base 1968 it crashed. During the crash, a significant amount of radiation from the bomb was released. To this day, the area affected is still being blacked out by Google Maps.

Five Mysterious Places That Google Maps Has Blacked Out

4. In an area of the Himalayan mountains knows as Kangtega, there is a portion of the mountain that is completely blacked out. There are plenty of theories regarding the reason. They can range from military testing facilities, to a Nazi UFO crash site. The only way to know for sure is to climb 22,000 feet though.

Five Mysterious Places That Google Maps Has Blacked Out

5. Russia’s northern tundra of Siberia is one of the most inhospitable places on the planet. It is also known for plenty of paranormal and unexplained activity. Most people wouldn’t think to look twice at this place on Google Maps, but that hasn’t stopped the Russian government from editing the area on Google Maps. It almost looks as if another area was copied and pasted over top of what is really there.

Five Mysterious Places That Google Maps Has Blacked Out

Check Out This Video That Profiles Each One Of These Places:

More info: Google Maps

It doesn’t seem that Google would blackout these places without a reason. There has to be something going on in these areas that someone or some government doesn’t want us to see. It would be very interesting if someone would actually climb the Himalayan Mountains in order to see what was in the blacked out area for themselves. I would also love to hear from Google about why these areas are not included on their maps. I doubt we will get answers anytime soon though.

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