The Hoverboard From Back To The Future Is Finally Here

The video below is from a company called HUVr who seems to be promoting the hoverboard. Yes, the same one that was used in Back To The Future. It features the Dr. Emmet Brown himself, Tony Hawk and even an endorsement by Mark Cuban. This one piece of technology has been the dream of nearly every kid who has ever seen the Back To The Future movies. It is such an iconic piece of movie history, and would probably be the best thing anyone could ever invent.

Check Out The Video Of This Back To The Future Hoverboard:

Here’s Another Video Of This Back To The Future Hoverboard:

While it may not be real yet, I want one of these hoverboards. I loved all the Back To The Future movies as a kid and I can remember talking to all my friends about how awesome it would be to have one. This is the dream of almost every child I know that great up watching the Back To The Future movies. Even though it was a marketing ploy, the video was very well done and had people fooled for a minute. Hopefully we don’t have to learn how to time travel and go into the future to learn the technology required to make one of these things. If we do though, I volunteer for the mission.

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Source: HUVr

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