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Kids Form Human Arrow To Point Police To Suspects

Personally, I hate interacting with the police. Even if it is just a friendly chat. I have no reason to be on edge or bitter, I’ve never had any involvement with the police. With everything going on with police in the United States however, I don’t feel nearly as comfortable around them as I used too. That isn’t to say that all cops are bad and that you should fear them. There are plenty of good cops out there who will help people out of any situation they can. Well situations were reversed this time around in Surrey, England when the cops were searching for a criminal suspect. These kids were able to help the police secure an arrest and are now being rightly praised for their actions.

Kids Form Human Arrow To Point Police To Suspects

These kids were out on an Easter egg hunt when a criminal suspect ran past them in a field. When the children realized what was happening after seeing the police helicopter, they decided to do what they could to help the police. They decided to create a human arrow pointing in the direction the suspect had fled.

Kids Form Human Arrow To Point Police To Suspects

Police were not only able to capture the suspect the children had seen, but a second one! Minutes after the arrest, the police helicopter landed in the field and the police thanked the children for their quick thinking and decision-making.

What a great plan by this little kids! I’m not sure most would have comprehended what was happening at the time and have been able to formulate a plan so quickly. These kids were heroes even before they helped nab these criminals though. The Easter egg hunt they were participating in was raising money for Leukemia research. So no matter what, these kids should be considered heroes.

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