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Airline’s Lost And Found Dog Reunites You With Your Forgotten Airplane Items

A lot of companies have ideas that seem to go above and beyond the competition. Innovative ideas that inspire growth and advancement. That’s exactly the case when it comes to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. They came up with a way to help their passengers that is truly one of a kind. They hired a new employee and he has to be the cutest little guy ever. Well how does a little dog help the customers of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines? You won’t believe it. Take a look at the video but let’s just say you will be glad he’s there if you are ever a customer in a hurry while leaving the plane.

How cute would it be to see a little dog running your kid’s stuffed animal back to them after they left it on the seat of the airplane? Or possibly your irreplaceable smart phone! It looks like their new employee loves his job.

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