This Adorable Baby Alpaca Got Stuck In A Hole

An alpaca farmer in Wisconsin is breathing a sigh of relief after a stressful situation recently. The farmer called in his animals for dinner recently, and he noticed that one of the alpaca didn’t have her baby with her. He immediately became concerned. The baby was only a week old, and they need their mothers to survive, so he knew the baby wouldn’t have just wandered away all by itself. The farmer, his family, and his workers desperately started searching for the lost newborn, but were stumped for a full 24 hours. That’s when he noticed something strange about the alpaca that were out in the field. They were all crowded around this tiny little area, so he decided to go investigate. It was there he realized just exactly what had occurred.

This Adorable Baby Alpaca Got Stuck In A Hole

The baby alpaca had actually fallen into an old badger’s nest and was unable to climb out. The rest of the alpacas were crowded around it and would not leave it by itself.

This Adorable Baby Alpaca Got Stuck In A Hole

Alpaca’s love to roll around in the first. The farmer believes that the baby alpaca was taking a dirt bath when he accidentally fell into the hole and was unable to get out.

This Adorable Baby Alpaca Got Stuck In A Hole

The farmer dug the baby out of the hole and there was an extremely cute reunion between parent and baby. Awwww, they’re giving each other kisses!

Well that could have ended much worse than it did. It most likely would have been devastating for that farmer to find that baby dead in that hole. I grew up in a farming community, so I know how much farmers actually care for their animals. I’ve seen farmers cry over a dead cow. Not because of the money they missed out on from it, but because they genuinely cared about their animals and their well-being. Luckily this story had a happy ending and mother and baby were reunited and are able to enjoy alpaca things again.

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