This Man Came Across An Aggressive Moose While Alone In The Mountains. This Is Hard To Watch.

When you go up into the mountains, you usually go to get away from it all. You want peace and quiet, in hopes of not seeing another person up there. I don’t think there is anything better than being surrounded by nature without another soul in sight. But sometimes when you’re sitting in nature and appreciating the beauty, it is hard not to let your mind wander. You start to think about what else may be in the woods, thinking they’re probably alone as well. Well this guy was out riding his snowmobile, minding his own business when a moose attacked. What he does next brought me to tears.

He did try to scare the moose away when he first saw it around the corner by making noises at it, but the moose was very curious. But then all of a sudden the moose attacked. This could have gone very wrong for this man, since a moose can weigh anywhere from 800-1500lbs depending on the time of year and their gender. He is lucky that he remembered to bring a weapon with him just in case. You can tell that he wasn’t up there to necessarily hunt for a moose though, since the weapon he used was just a handgun. Every time I’m in the mountains, I can’t help but let my mind wander and think what if. This is definitely one situation it was good to be prepared, even if he felt like he was over-prepared when he left the house. What would you have done in this situation?

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