This Is The Most Insane Moment On Price Is Right Ever. Even Though Someone Probably Got Fired For It

The Price is Right is a show where just about everybody has seen at least one episode. Maybe you liked the original shows with Bob Barker or maybe you are a fan of the newer popular host, Drew Carey. Either way I think it is safe to say that everyone knows of the popular game show. The show has been on the air for over 40 years now, starting in 1972, and is full of hilarious contestants, unique games, and incredible prizes. For one lucky contestant, she won a car on the show. Why is this so amazing? Well, she didn’t even win the selected game she was playing, instead it was a humiliating $21,960 error on behalf of the beautiful assistant, Manuela Arbelaez. Watch below to see what happens.

Not only is the mistake humiliating, but it was shown on national TV during The Price Is Right. And now it is being shared across multiple social media outlets too. Model Manuela made the expensive mistake as host Drew Carey announces, “Games over, folks”. But it ended up being a very lucky moment for the contestant who had the privilege of walking away with a brand new car. Manuela apologized and said, “It was a brain fart. I just zoned out. I literally did not see that coming. My body took over and reacted before my brain had a chance to stop it.” After the mistake, the show went to commercial and Arbelaez, a model on the show for 6 years, walked away in tears.  But lucky for her she was still able to keep her job.

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