Five Adorable Puppies Bobbing Their Heads To The Music Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Week

One puppy all on its own is pretty stinking cute. Throw in a few puppy friends and some music and you have something so adorable that your head might explode! Taking these malamute puppies for a car ride and cranking up the music looks like a pretty fun way to spend the afternoon.

Disney may lead us to believe that the animal kingdom can shake it with the best of them. However the facts are very few animal species besides human beings dance. In more specific terms move their bodies in synchrony with an external musical beat. The closest relatives of human beings, chimpanzees do not dance. Horses and cows don’t get down to the beat. The same goes for zebras and giraffes. Cats don’t do the macarena. And I hate to break it to you, but the same goes for dogs. That one is a little strange given the co-evolution of canines and humans. The evolutionary purpose of dogs is to be pleasing to human beings, but apparently natural selection drew the line at them dancing with us.

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