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They Started Filming A Cute Raccoon On Their Patio, Only To Realize That It Sadly Had Rabies

Raccoons are usually thought of as cute cuddly creatures. Sure they will definitely bite and scratch the hell out of you, but they usually don’t attack humans for no reason. Many people even keep raccoons as pets. When they are domesticated I hear they make great companions. So when this couple saw a raccoon out on their patio area, they thought “Oh, how cute!” The situation quickly changed though when they took a closer look at the animal. They started filming it, and it soon became apparent that something was seriously wrong with this little fella. Take a look at what they saw in the video below.

This is incredibly sad. It’s pretty apparent this little guy has been infected with rabies. It looks like he is in the final stages of it as well. It hard to watch this poor animal suffer like this. The property owners tried to call the police and animal control, but neither were able to deal with the animal at that time. The people filming made the difficult decision to put the animal down themselves. It’s sad, but you can’t leave an animal infected with rabies free to roam the neighborhood and possibly infect other animals or even people. They did the humane thing by putting this poor creature out of its misery. If you have never seen an animal with rabies, try to remember what some of the symptoms look like in case you ever come across an animal that is acting funny. It could save your life or the life of someone you know.

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