Girl Has The Most Dramatic Reaction When She Sees A Manatee Swimming Up To Her

Imagine swimming with your friends in the water enjoying yourself, when you feel something swim across your feet. It might be a harmless fish, a piece of coral, or maybe even a manatee. If you are not familiar with what a manatee is, it is often times considered a sea cow. But because they’re large and often lurk just beneath the surface of murky water, it’s understandable that some people would be apprehensive in their presence. And when one woman spotted a manatee while she was out on Spring Break with her friends, her reaction is absolutely priceless. The friendly manatee might as well have been a ferocious shark. In the video you can see her recording herself when she spots the harmless creature, but wait until you see what she does next.

You can’t help but laugh at her reaction to a manatee. She did try to muster up enough courage to touch him, but quickly became more frightened at the realization of how big he actually was. I don’t know who was scared more though, the girl or the manatee. I am sure he was trying to get away from her as quickly as she was trying to get away from him.

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