She Sees Her Dog At The Vet For The First Time In 3 Months And Can’t Believe What She Sees

Sammi is a super cute Springer Spaniel. He went from being a happy healthy dog that could run and play to a dog that could not do much of anything. After his surgeon was unable to remove excess bone during surgery near his spinal column, Sammi’s health declined. The puppy needed intense rehabilitation as he became quadriplegic post-surgery. His family was desperate to help their furry best friend. They brought him to the California Animal Rehabilitation Center in Santa Monica, California, where doctors feared that the outcome was bleak. Sammi received care from both veterinarians and physical therapists certified in animal rehabilitation for three months. And then something pretty amazing happened. Sammi was able to walk again. This video is Sammi’s owner getting the surprise of her life. She didn’t expect to see him walk much less run for the first time since he became quadriplegic 3 months ago.

Sammi probably doesn’t even know how amazing he is! It is beautiful to see the bond between Sammi and his owner. There is so much love there! There are people that would have given up on Sammi, just like people give up in life. But this story is a great example of why you should never give up! Now that you have checked out what Sammi can do, go here and see what this amazing dog can do. It is insane!

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