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Wife Finds Out Husband Is Cheating, Destroys His Car

We’ve all heard the quote, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Most of us get an idea of someone in particular when we hear this quote. Others are thanking their lucky stars they’ve never come across a scorned woman. Well when this husband cheated on his wife and she found out, she gave him the exact definition of the type of fury a scorned woman can possess. The scorned spousal revenge that this wife unleashed on her husband and his Audi A8 is pretty incredible! There was definitely a lot of hatred that she had bottled up, but I’m sure she’s feeling a whole lot better now. Just wait until you see what exactly she did.

Wife Finds Out Husband Is Cheating, Destroys His Car

Well here is the back of the car. If you notice, she really didn’t leave much of the car untouched. She even managed to carve a few choice words along with some dollar signs into the paint.

Wife Finds Out Husband Is Cheating, Destroys His Car

A closer look at some of the wording and designs that she felt his car was missing. This car will just never be the same.

Wife Finds Out Husband Is Cheating, Destroys His Car

And the inside of the car, cut up, destroyed, and covered with leaves. That’s nice that she left him one circle from the Audi logo. I’m sure once he puts that back on, his car will be as good as new.

Now that is definitely a whole lot of scorned spousal revenge! I guess he could try to pawn this off as a bear attack, but the problem is bears don’t have opposable thumbs and would be unable to make such wonderful designs in this car that is, or should we say was, worth about $70,000. He may want to think twice or even three or four times, before cheating on his next partner, because I’m assuming his wife left him far, far behind.

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