This Firework Puts All Other Fireworks To Shame. Guaranteed!

There’s a lot more to making fireworks than throwing some powder down and hitting it with a match. Just ask three fingered Willy about making homemade explosives. (Totally joking, DO NOT take that comment as inspiration for a DIY.) The fact of the matter is that firework making has become an absolute art form. I’ve seen fireworks explode into amazing depictions of flowers, hearts, Mickey Mouse, flags, and stars. There are multiple colors added and timing fuses added to make multiple rings, the understanding of which is far beyond my grasp of understanding the subject matter. Like most art, I’d rather just sit back and enjoy the beauty of a firework display, rather than concern myself with the grueling details and hard work put into the construction and creation.

The following video is a little bit of a mixture of a stairway to heaven and a fiery highway to hell. You might call it a bridge to the heavens, but it’s name is actually, quite simply, the Sky Ladder. The Sky Ladder is a pyrotechnic piece of artwork that was created by Chinese contemporary artist, Cai Guoqiang. Currently residing and working in New York, Cai is most well known for his use of gunpowder in his amazing and awe inspiring pyrotechnic works, as you can see in the Sky Ladder video below.

The longer you watch the video and the more rungs that appear and remain illuminated, the more fascinating and incredible this work of art becomes. To be completely honest, the first time I watched this video I was totally wrapped up in the wonder of how this was possible. Sometimes it’s better to take a step back and think, “Who cares how it was done? It’s beautiful, amazing, and meant to be enjoyed!” If you were one of the people wrapped up in the HOW, you have two options. Go ahead and spend countless hours researching and trying to discover the secrets of this piece of art, or you can click play again and simply enjoy the amazing beauty of the Sky Ladder.

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