What This Children’s Summer Camp Has In The Backyard Is INSANE. My Heart Is Still Pounding

Around the world there are adrenaline junkies. They love the thrill of going above and beyond and doing wild and crazy stunts. These people live for the thrill.  A summer camp in Butler, Ohio called Ohio’s Dreams Action Sports Camp is a camp program designed for children ages 7-17. It is a place where the youth can come together for extreme sports with trainers and counselors easily accessible. But one unique thing about this camp is the Slip N Fly. For the public, this slide is only available once a year for one week during the Sports and Music Festival. But unlike most regular slip-n-slides, the Slip N Fly catapults you into the air to land in a giant pool of water. It is meant for the extreme sports enthusiasts, even Tony Hawk makes an appearance at this unbelievable slide each year.

Would you be daring enough to try the Slip N Fly for yourself? Watching how high some of these participants get, I am not sure if I could do it. Either way, I am sure it is a pure adrenaline rush and is nothing like anything you have ever experienced before. To learn more about this unique camp or for information on the Slip N Fly, click here.

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