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Artist Uses A Tile And Finger Paint To Create Stunning Art In Less Than 2 Minutes

When we talk about art, we tend to think of expensive paintings or sculptures on display in the greatest museums or galleries in the world. It doesn’t take something being made by the hands of a master painter or sculptor to be considered art. Art is all around us. In the homes we live in, the buildings we work in and even the cars we drive. All these things involve some sort of artistic creativity. What I personally enjoy the most however, is street art. If you’ve ever been to a decently sized city, you’ve most likely seen people engaging in this form of art. There are so many talented artist that don’t get the credit they deserve because…well they make their art on the street. One of these artists is a man who uses a tile and finger paints to create amazing pictures, and he does it extremely quick! This is something you’re definitely going to want to check out.

It’s amazing how little time thit took for him to make such an amazing piece. Sure, it may not be the biggest art project in the world, but the detail is incredible. Especially when you think about how little time it took and what he used to make it. I would make things like this all the time if I had this kind of ability. I hope he sells these because I would love to have one for my own home.

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