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Man Sticks His Finger Down Hole And A Huge Funnel Spider Crawls Out

Nature can get pretty weird sometimes. There are so many unexplainable things in our world it can seem overwhelming sometimes. Well, this isn’t one of those times however. This is a straight up stupid decision made by someone who clearly didn’t think things through. See the weird holes in the pictures below? What does that look like to you? To me, it clearly looks like a nest for a spider of some sort. I can’t decide if this fact escaped or was just ignored by imgur user PoopstacheMcfartnugget, but he decided it sounded like a good idea to stick his finger in there for enough up votes on imgur. Well, the people of imgur did not disappoint and they got together enough likes together to force PoopstacheMcfartnugget’s hand as it were. He even chugged some Jamison whisky before doing it. Below are the harrowing pictures from this crazy challenge. Check out what’s really inside these weird holes!

Man Sticks His Finger Down Hole And A Huge Funnel Spider Crawls Out

This is the hole in question. As you can see, it looks like a spider nest. A normal person would probably never put any appendage in there.

Man Sticks His Finger Down Hole And A Huge Funnel Spider Crawls Out

Here goes nothing I guess. He did admit that he chugged Jamison whiskey before doing this and threw up in this mouth from fear.

Man Sticks His Finger Down Hole And A Huge Funnel Spider Crawls Out

Even looking at this picture makes me worried. Jamison will help you make bad decisions though. After sticking his finger down the hole with no luck, he decided to stick a longer branch down it.

And here’s what came out of the hole:

Well PoopstacheMcfartnugget came out of the incident unscathed. He still has his finger and is no worse for the wear. He was however, very lucky. Many of the commenters on Imgur chimed in and told him that those types of holes are the homes to Funnel Spiders, which are EXTREMELY venomous. The poster should feel extremely lucky that he wasn’t bitten. Apparently Funnel Spiders attack by grabbing onto their prey and repeatedly biting, which would make for a very unpleasant experience for a human. If you really feel the need to mess with these types of holes, the video above shows something called Tarantula tickling. You take a long piece of grass or stick and slowly rotate it in the ground at the entrance of the nest. The spider will hear the vibrations and come out to investigate, most likely thinking it is food. Hopefully after having all of these things explained to him, PoopstacheMcfartnugget will realize how lucky he really was.

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