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Whale Lifts Kayakers Out Of The Water And Gives Them A Piggyback Ride

A couple was on their tandem kayak off the coast of Patagonia, Argentina doing some relaxing, and wildlife watching when something happened that they could not have prepared for no matter what. They were off shore quite a ways when they saw some water spraying into the air. They knew that they were amongst some whales, and rather than just sitting back from a distance, they decided to go take a closer look. Well you can’t predict what a giant whale is going to do, so they were in for a big surprise. What happens next is unreal and a once in a lifetime experience. Take a look at the video footage they shot below.

Whale Lifts Kayakers Out Of The Water And Gives Them A Piggyback Ride

Can you imagine riding a whale while sitting in your kayak? I’m surprised they stayed so calm and remained in the boat. I would have been screaming like a newborn baby! Good thing they were rolling the camera because this is a once in a lifetime experience and they are lucky to be safe with an amazing story. Who else can say they rode a whale? What an amazing thing to happen, especially since everyone was safe and sound.

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