Husband Surprises Wife With A $60,000 Kitchen, She Gives Him An Unexpected Response. WOW!

When we fall in love with someone, we try our hardest to please them. We tend to put their wishes before our own needs. It makes us happy when we make our significant other happy. We don’t necessarily do it for gratification or even thanks, but the simple fact that we want to give our loved ones the best lives possible. Sometimes that means a simple “I love you” before leaving to work or a little pampering after a rough week. We do these things out of love and kindness. While we never do them for a thank you or with the intentions of expecting something in return, a thank you, a hug or a kiss is always a welcome gesture of gratitude. We love spoiling our loved ones and that’s exactly what this guy did. He ended up giving his wife a new kitchen that most women would dream to have as a surprise. He dropped $60,000 on this incredible kitchen fully equipped with two professional stoves,  an ice maker, and everything you could ever want to assist in your cooking needs. Well he invited some friends and waited patiently for his wife to come home to the surprise of a lifetime. She walks inside and her jaw drops. She sees her new kitchen and let’s just say her reaction was a little unexpected. Before I say anything else, you should probably just watch the video below for yourselves.

I can’t believe this woman! Not even a damn thank you. I feel bad for this guy and I hope that this was a joke, but sadly I don’t think it was. He spent his hard earned money on what he thought would be a dream kitchen for anyone, but it wasn’t just for any woman. This kitchen was built with love for his wife to the tune of $60k!!! How does she react? Not even a thank you, and nothing but complete criticism about everything. If I were him, I think I would have stormed out before she had the chance to or I might say something I would regret. She obviously doesn’t have the same manners that I was taught. I believe in mutual respect and being your significant other’s biggest fan in life. This woman obviously has a differing opinion than mine. Respect will get you a long way but it seems that being a disrespectful person will still end up getting you a $60,000 kitchen, even if it’s not up to your bitchy standards.

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